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specs and information on the L22 - 194/230/250/292 engines
Be advised this is not complete, just condensed tables from a few Chilton's manuals and info I picked up here and there. Some figures conflicted, so I pointed those out when they were significant (more than 5 hp or ft-lbs). I do not have complete spec info on 292 engines, so if anybody knows where to get that info, let me know. Feel free to correct me if anything's wrong or missing.

I'm also trying to find out more about the OHC Pontiac versions of these engines, including the 215-hp Sprint option. These engines were placed in the Firebird, Tempest and Le Mans. If anybody out there knows exactly when they were built and what level of parts interchangeability they had, please contact me.

page one: by the numbers, bores and strokes, firing order, outside dimensions, what vehicles had them?

page two: what interchanges, what doesn't interchange, other advice

page three: engine codes

page four: those links again, random six pictures, tech articles, related links

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Dan's server went belly up, but I managed to copy these pages before it did. I am reposting them here, with Dan's permission, until he finds a new service.